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What is Attribution? And Why You Should Know This.

You Read Someone Elses Blog? Did you like the topic and it was a Good Post?

Give them credit and add them as a source! Help each other out. We are all here blogging for a reason. Source or cite if you ever use someone elses quote.

Fun Copyright/Fair Use and Creative Common Licenses (CCL.)

Copyrights protect authors, artists, photographers and more… I highly suggest looking up these rules/laws to protect yourself and avoid trouble.

CCL, allows the owners of origin writing to share their work in a more free manner, while protecting their right without the restrictive copyright. More Information on Creative Common Guidelines.

They are a non-profit organization. Ready for the list now?

  • Attribution- The most flexible CCL. Anyone is allowed to revise, reuse and build on original work.
  • Attribution Non-Commercial- Has one restriction in CCL. The person reusing the work can’t use it for Non-Commercial Reasons.
  • Attribution No Derrivitives- The work can’t be changed in any way. More on Attribution no Derivitives

Your Policies

  • Comment Policy- Tells you which comments are innapropriate and how they’re moderated.
  • Privacy Policy- Why is collected by visitors and how the information is used.
  • Terma and Conditions of Site Use Page- Tells the Legal information about your blog, copyrights, availability and warnings.

I know. Way too many regulations!!

Blogging Has Ethics! Do Not Skip This.

Sources and Citing, Avoid any Problems due to error, Language and Disclaimers, Copyright and Creative Common Licenses.

Always be professional and never try to hurt another blogger directly or indirectly. Never write offensive things. Constructive Critasism is the smart way to go.

The freedom of speech doesn’t apply in professional blogging. This just makes people not want to read your blogs. Never plagarize work, and if you think someone is copying your work then visit,


Never commit Libel unless you want to lose traffic to your blogs.

Libelous means to hurt a person or entity. 

This has even gotten people fired from jobs. Instead, I encourage people to use WordPress Reader and find great common topic blogs to yours and promote them, to an extent, or site them if you want to say something important that they wrote. Browse, Comment or Follow.

Catagories and Labels/Sidebar

Categorize to Make you Easier to be Found, and for people to see older posts.


Link to your profile page, picture, contact info and social media of course. You can throw in subscription information and ads too.

Very Brief abut Templates and Themes.

Every blog is built from a template that can be customized. WordPress uses Themes and Google Blogger uses Templates!


Blog Posts Need to be Interactive!

Without comments, you have a basic boring information page. People by nature like to share their opinions and so on.

Don’t get down like bloggers do if you don’t have a lot of comments starting off. Time!

Stay focused, Write Everyday and interact with your audience. Overtime you’ll get comments, follow etc…

Focus, patience and persistent are key concepts!

Elements of a Blog

Home Page AKA Landing Page

Most Websites allow you to choose your landing page. This should tell people about you, your page and what the main topic is that you discuss in your blogs.

Either keep them reading, or slack and have them go read someone elses page instead.

Make it professional, easy to navigate and show your personality. I think I’ve mentioned in another post that people like to know they person writing has a personality and that it reflects in your writing. I dislike bland writing. I can be sarcastic while still getting the key points.

Connect with Your Readers

What People Love

People Love Lists.

Now the top 20, here is the best 50 sites to shop on and etc..

Also, Current events, Reviews, Polls, How much, Where and so on.

Always try to interject what people love into your blogs, but don’t change what you want to write. Adapt.

I have Blog Block

Thats okay. And, it will happen. Watch Tv, check your twitter, read other blogs or a book. Come back to it when you know you’re able to create worthy content.