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Setting up google hangouts for serious bloggers who want to have direct conversations. Ideas, collaborate and more….


I didn’t make my own website to ditch everyone on wordpress. If people do visit my website I am still going to use wordpress. The point of my website is to be only about how to make money blogging. I hope to not lose followers or people who like my page. Check it out and maybe you’ll want to keep reading on my site. I post 6 blogs a day thouroughly researched. I spend hours a day learning.

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I found Success

So I created my portfolio page and it opened up new opportunities for me. I turned it into an intergrated blogging site where I can do my All in One Guide easier. Also, for wordpress as promised, I put my book for sale, but not for a price, but a donation of any amount you choose. You’ll get an instant ebook download.

Also you can subscribe to e-mail on the home page to get the book FREE without a donation at all.. Please check out the Website. It took me all night I’ll still be posting on here too, and please don’t consider this a spam post.

Added 6 new posts on my site. Very important ones!

Why People Blog 101

Everyone Blogs for different reasons. Personal, Business, Corporate, Nonprofit, News and information. There is no right or wrong at all. Your blog is yours.

Niche Blogs are written to a very specific purpose , decided by the blogger.

Experts share their knowledge within the field they’re in.

Business and Corporate blogs promote or further their business in blogs, although corporate is involved in large entities.

My Point of View Writing

I’ll be Adding a Minimum 5 Posts Per Day. Backed by Professional Research.

So, I’be been thinking about what I really truly want to write about. I’ve decided my WordPress Page will be on two things.

Creating An All in One Guide for everyone to learn to make Money Blogging. And for fun, iPhone game reviews.

I got rid of my website and want to stay here and dedicated to everyone on WordPress. I hope you like the Content.

The New Content Information.

New Content Information

Added Content:

A New Blog Page for iPhone Game Reviews.

New Fresh important posts on the Making money blogging and

All in One Self Publishing Guide. Check it Out.

Awesome iPhone Games and Making that Money.