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Setting up google hangouts for serious bloggers who want to have direct conversations. Ideas, collaborate and more….


I didn’t make my own website to ditch everyone on wordpress. If people do visit my website I am still going to use wordpress. The point of my website is to be only about how to make money blogging. I hope to not lose followers or people who like my page. Check it out and maybe you’ll want to keep reading on my site. I post 6 blogs a day thouroughly researched. I spend hours a day learning.

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I found Success

So I created my portfolio page and it opened up new opportunities for me. I turned it into an intergrated blogging site where I can do my All in One Guide easier. Also, for wordpress as promised, I put my book for sale, but not for a price, but a donation of any amount you choose. You’ll get an instant ebook download.

Also you can subscribe to e-mail on the home page to get the book FREE without a donation at all.. Please check out the Website. It took me all night I’ll still be posting on here too, and please don’t consider this a spam post.

Added 6 new posts on my site. Very important ones!

What is Attribution? And Why You Should Know This.

You Read Someone Elses Blog? Did you like the topic and it was a Good Post?

Give them credit and add them as a source! Help each other out. We are all here blogging for a reason. Source or cite if you ever use someone elses quote.

Fun Copyright/Fair Use and Creative Common Licenses (CCL.)

Copyrights protect authors, artists, photographers and more… I highly suggest looking up these rules/laws to protect yourself and avoid trouble.

CCL, allows the owners of origin writing to share their work in a more free manner, while protecting their right without the restrictive copyright. More Information on Creative Common Guidelines.

They are a non-profit organization. Ready for the list now?

  • Attribution- The most flexible CCL. Anyone is allowed to revise, reuse and build on original work.
  • Attribution Non-Commercial- Has one restriction in CCL. The person reusing the work can’t use it for Non-Commercial Reasons.
  • Attribution No Derrivitives- The work can’t be changed in any way. More on Attribution no Derivitives

Your Policies

  • Comment Policy- Tells you which comments are innapropriate and how they’re moderated.
  • Privacy Policy- Why is collected by visitors and how the information is used.
  • Terma and Conditions of Site Use Page- Tells the Legal information about your blog, copyrights, availability and warnings.

I know. Way too many regulations!!